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Travis Scott’s Engineer Explains The Low Volume Of Nav’s ‘Yosemite’ Verse

Back in 2018 when Travis Scott first released his opus Astroworld, excited fans were confused by one track in particular on the album. “Yosemite,” the 12th song and third single from the album, featured a peculiar volume issue. While Travis and guest rapper Gunna sounded just fine, the other guest on the song, Nav, was nearly inaudible, his verse mixed at a completely different level than the rest of the song. The error became the subject of memes on social media before eventually being remastered.

Yesterday, Genius finally solved the mystery of why Nav’s vocals were so much quieter in the mix in an interview with Cashpassion, Cactus Jack Records’ in-house engineer. Cashpassion, aka Jimmy Cash, explained the mixing mix-up, saying it was a simple oversight amid a hectic release deadline push. “We were just going on overdrive, over time,” he elaborated. ‘We were just doing so much at once. I got in a crazy car wreck on my way to Mike Dean’s on the last day when we were turning in the cleans, right after we turned in the album. I got clipped by a little semi up in Studio City on the way up to Mike’s. I was okay and everything but my car was totaled, it was crazy. So we were just on overdrive and I think that was just an honest slip-up. Something happened, I don’t know. It was kind of strange.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cash speaks on the proliferation of “Travis Scott Type Beats” and “How To Make A Travis Scott Song” videos online, the potential for Cactus Jack signee Don Toliver to be a star, and naturally, how the pandemic is affecting the Cactus Jack label head’s workflow.

Read the full interview with Cashpassion here.