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Members Of Whitney Were Robbed At Gunpoint In Portland

Most people aren’t leaving their homes much these days as the coronavirus pandemic continues to encourage social distancing. One on occasion where members of the band Whitney went out this past weekend, though, they found themselves at the wrong end of a bad situation, as they were robbed at gunpoint in Portland, Oregon.

On Sunday, the band’s Josiah Marshall shared a photo of himself and other members of the group, and wrote, “heyyyy. we all just got robbed at gunpoint a few blocks from our house. we’ll be without our phones for a bit. stay safe out there. weird times.” So, it appears their phones were taken, and based on the screenshot of an email inbox also included in the post, it looks like their credit cards were stolen as well.

After the news broke, the band addressed the situation on Instagram, re-sharing the photo and writing, “Hey yall. Not something we really wanted to publicize in the first place but we’ve seen some websites posting about it so I guess it’s out there. Me Max and Jos along with our good bud John Mooney were robbed at gunpoint yesterday while on a random walk. We appreciate everyone reaching out to show support but obviously there are so many other people that need your love right now. Reach out to them. We’re ok. Stay safe <3.”

In more positive news, the group recently participated in the hilarious viral video of indie musicians singing Blink-182’s “Miss You.”