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The Falcons Are The Latest NFL Team To Unveil New Uniforms

On Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first NFL franchise to kick off something of an annual offseason tradition: teams unveiling their new uniforms for the upcoming campaign. One day later and the team that some joked inspired the Bucs’ new threads have dropped a new uni of their own.

The Atlanta Falcons sent out a tweet indicating that something new was on the way, marking the first time in nearly two decades that they’d change up their look.

This announcement came shortly after apparent photos of the team’s new look leaked. One day later and the team revealed what it has in store.

On their website, the Falcons indicated that the all-black ATL jerseys will be worn during home games, while their all-white threads are for road games. The red and black gradient unis will serve as alternates, with the black and white kits as alternates. Those alternates are, for me, the clear-cut best of the bunch, and while the all-black and all-white ones have some promise, the gigantic ATL across the chest and the font on the numbers are both a bit much. The gradients, meanwhile, look awfully video gamey.

In terms of the full scope of the team’s uniform options, they’ll also have a pair of red pants in the mix.

And beyond the jerseys and the pants, the Falcons will use this as a chance to bust out a new helmet, too.