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Dave Grohl Shared A Thrilling Story About A Jam Session With Prince

Foo Fighters’ frontperson Dave Grohl revealed last month that he would venture out to a new corner in the creative world as coronavirus has halted the band’s tour. Grohl revealed that he would begin telling short stories as a way to pass the time during self-isolation. Staying true to his promise, he uploaded his first short story to his Instagram page just a day after his announcement. Sharing another story before the end of March, Grohl returned with another story on Monday, a thrilling anecdote that caught the attention of his fans: a jam session with Prince.

Flash back to 2011, Prince had just begun a 21-show residency at the Los Angeles Forum and Grohl had decided to attend one of the shows. Prince learned of Grohl’s attendance and approached him afterward and requested a jam session between the two. “How about next Friday?” Prince asked.

For the remainder of the short story, Dave Grohl accounts the following seven days and the suspense and fear he had while waiting for Prince to give him a call to confirm the jam session. In addition to the story about the jam session, Grohl also shared his reaction to finding out Prince would cover the Foo Fighters’ “Best of You” at the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show.

Broken down into several slides, read through Grohl’s short story above.