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Kanye West And Mariah Carey Will Join Joel Osteen’s Easter Sunday Livestream

Kanye West and Joel Osteen have linked up multiple times before, and will do so again in the future. The two have a Yankee Stadium show in the books for May, which now seems unlikely to happen as planned thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it looks like the pair will come together this upcoming Easter Sunday (April 12), and like a lot of performances these days, it will all take place online.

Osteen spoke with TMZ about hosting a livestream Easter service this weekend, which is also set to include Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry. He confirmed that Kanye and his choir will participate, but that he’s not entirely positive what Kanye has planned. Osteen also said he asked Perry, who has visited Lakewood Church before, to speak at the event, and he agreed to join in on the service.

He also spoke about how Carey got involved, saying, “I had known Mariah from years passed. We had talked about doing some things, and they actually contacted us because she wanted to show some support and honor to the first responders, so she wanted to share a song and put some video footage of the first responders, just to do her part to bring hope and uplift the nation.”

Watch Osteen speak about his upcoming service here.