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Joyner Lucas Finally ‘Met’ His Idol Will Smith In A Zoom Chat To Watch His ‘Will’ Video

Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas finally “met” his idol Will Smith when the two rappers linked up via Zoom to watch Joyner’s video for “Will” from his new album, ADHD. In the video, Joyner reproduces iconic looks from across the actor’s extensive blockbuster career. When the real Will Smith saw it, he loved it and sent Joyner an Instagram message expressing his approval.

Now, for the latest episode of Will’s Snapchat show Will From Home, Smith reached out to give Joyner the opportunity to hang out, even if current social distancing protocols mean their meetup was virtual-only for the time being. Will’s son Jaden, an accomplished entertainer in his own right, also joined them for some fun side commentary as they watched Joyner’s creative new video.

“For me, I feel like you’ve done everything the right way and I really look up to that,” Joyner tells Will in the clip. Jaden also notes that Will went “from first making music in Philly, winning the first-ever rap Grammy, and then making that transition from mainly music into film,” prompting Will to launch into one of his most dad-like dad jokes ever. “Then, Jaden, after all of that, I made you!” he clowns.

The full episode can be found on Snapchat, but Joyner did helpfully post a clip to his own Instagram, which you can watch above.

Joyner’s album, ADHD, is out now via Twenty Nine Music Group. Get it here.