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Megan Thee Stallion Transforms ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Into A Quarantine Bop

It’s been weeks since leaving your home for non-essential reasons was a socially acceptable thing to do, so everybody is finding new ways to pass the time as this period of self-isolation continues. For Megan Thee Stallion, that means hopping on Instagram Live and re-writing her hit “Hot Girl Summer” to reflect the current times.

During the broadcast, Megan danced and rapped along to the song, modifying some lyrics to be about the coronavirus and social distancing. Some choice lines include, “I’m on quarantine, so you know I ain’t boppin’,” “It’s a quarantine summer and you know I ain’t lit,” and, “Got corona on your lip, you know you can’t get no kiss.”

Aside from this, Megan has kept busy in other ways. Like a handful of other musicians, Megan has offered to pay bills for fans who are struggling financially due to the pandemic. She also recently expressed that she would love to collaborate with Jordan Peele on the horror movie she has been writing. Meanwhile, she recently refuted the claim that all she can do is twerk by listing off some of her other goings-on: “I go to school and I rap and sometime I be cookin’. I’m a dog mom. I’m an awesome friend.”

Watch Megan re-work “Hot Girl Summer” above.