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Tash Sultana Gets Help From Her Friends And Fans For The Heartwarming ‘Pretty Lady’ Quarantine Video

Since the release of her 2018 debut Flow State, Tash Sultana has spent her time touring and working on new material. Now, the Melbourne instrumentalist is ready for a new era. With “Pretty Lady,” Sultana furthers her impressive catalog as a one-woman sensation.

For the accompanying video, Sultana called upon friends, family, and fans to lend a hand. “So what do you do when you’re releasing a new song, you gotta make a music video, and you can’t leave the house due a global pandemic!?” Sultana wrote. “Well I gave some family, friends, and fans all around the world a little preview of the song and asked them to have a little fun and video themselves dancing along.”

In a statement, Sultana described her songwriting process: “I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this song for like six years. I used to loop it and just free style to it when I was busking years ago, but I always got stuck on the same parts. I put the song in a box at the back of my mind and revisited it in November 2019. I had Dann (Hume) and Matt (Corby) spend some time in my studio and that’s when I decided to show them this song. It’s my first song I’ve collaborated with other players on.”

Watch Sultana’s “Pretty Lady” video above.