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A new social distancing PSA is a dramatic example of how it is absolutely saving lives

When it comes to shaping public opinion hard-hitting visual examples can be a lot more persuasive than words and statistics. The Ohio Department of Health created a visually dazzling public service announcement using ping-pong balls and mousetraps to explain how social distancing works.

This PSA is just another example of how Ohio is getting things right during the pandemic. As of April 9, the state has about 5,100 infections, fewer than a third of the cases in similarly sized Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Mouse traps and ping pong balls to show powerful message: ‘Social distancing works’

Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine was among the first governors to start aggressive shut-down measures in their state. “Every one of us is in this fight. We don’t need to go into the battlefield, we simply need to stay home,” DeWine said in a press conference.