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The ‘Tiger King’ Eighth Episode Teaser Includes Host Joel McHale Wearing Joe Exotic Regalia

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe recently claimed that an eighth episode in the hit big-cat docuseries would arrive before long. It didn’t seem like folks believed him, but lo and behold, this is actually happening. While there were rumors that this would be a reunion-type endeavor, chances for a shoot anytime soon seemed slim, given current social distancing limitations. However, this episode is now breathing down our collective necks, and it’s being described by Netflix as an “aftershow” called “The Tiger King And I,” which will be hosted by Joel McHale and drop on April 12.

Yes, that Joel McHale, who is still waiting on those “seven” Community movies to start shooting, is doing the next best thing. Watch this teaser, if you dare.

Rob Lowe must be so jealous, and the Stargirl actor shall henceforth be known as “Joel Exotic.” Nope, not sorry for that one, and it’s a damn good thing that someone’s wearing the Joe Exotic gear, since Joseph Maldonado-Passage can’t appear in the flesh for this installment while he’s sitting in a Texas penitentiary. We should not expect Carole Baskin to make a surprise appearance either, but the episode promises appearances by not only Jeff Lowe but wife Lauren, along with John Finlay, Saff (!), John Reinke, Joshua Dial, Erik Cowie, and Rick Kirkman.

Easter just got a whole lot more exciting, right? Even in these quarantined times, there’s still plenty of entertainment out there.