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Chloe Fineman Played Carole Baskin On ‘SNL At Home’ To Set The Record Straight On ‘Tiger King’

Chloe Fineman’s impersonations have been the highlight of SNL‘s current season for many, including a spot-on Scarlett Johansson impression freaking out Colin Jost as part of a Weekend Update segment about the Oscars. With SNL unable to take place in its traditional setting, it makes sense that the “at home” version of the show tapped Fineman to break out the impersonations once again, and she didn’t disappoint.

In a sketch dubbed a quarantine edition of the high-profile MasterClass online education platform, Fineman broke out three impressions for the solo sketch, including one of Tiger King breakout star Carole Baskin. Back was Fineman’s Timothée Chalamet, who taught a MasterClass on streetwear and picking out various shades of navy blue hoodie to wear with obscure hats.

SNL on YouTube

Fineman also played “viral loud child” JoJo Siwa, who has millions of followers on Tik Tok that watch her dance and, as Fineman implies, do pretty much nothing else interesting. But her most of-the-moment impression was Carole Baskin, who in the sketch teaches a MasterClass about riding your bicycle while on camera and maybe prompting rivals to plot your murder.

“Hey all you cool cats and kittens, come bike with me,” Fineman says with a greenscreened tiger behind her while wearing a headband and looking very, well, sleepy.

SNL on YouTube

There are some specific references to Tiger King in here, like Baskin noting it’s a good thing she’s not covered in “sardine oil,” as it’s something that Joe Exotic claims he was tainted with that made his animals attack him in a notable incident shown during the series. She also addresses the elephant in the room, the now-viral claim that Baskin killed her former husband and fed his corpse to their big cats.

“Also, I didn’t kill my husband,” she says, mentioning it for a second time after she rode around her neighborhood and followed in Exotic’s footsteps in a new way: making a music video. As far as quarantine distractions go, it’s hard to complain about Fineman getting a chance to do more impressions. It’s unclear if there’s a market for Carole Baskin MasterClass videos, but I definitely do need to pick up a new navy hoodie after watching these.