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Chefs And Food Personalities Name The Best Takeout Or Delivery Meals They’ve Gotten During Quarantine

With finances tight and anxieties high, ordering food feels like something of a luxury these days. At the same time, the restaurants that we all know and love are on the ropes and need us to support them as often as we can afford. Ordering take-out or delivery is one of the only things keeping people in the foodservice industry employed right now. If you’re able to splurge on a meal — if even just once a week to break up the monotony of pasta cooked at home — you’ll be directly helping your neighbors stay afloat through this pandemic.

To highlight some of the best take-out and delivery options on offer around the nation, we reached out to our favorite chefs, food writers, and photographers to ask which neighborhood joints they’re ordering from while locked down. The list is expansive — with restaurants from around the country and a couple of international spots thrown in for good measure — but we understand that unless you’re quarantining in the cities or towns listed here, the information is a bit moot. If that’s the case, hopefully, these descriptions of dishes will inspire you to find similarly thrilling meals available for order near where you’re riding out the pandemic.

Parm, New York City — Andrew Rea, Binging With Babish

Ordering takeout was already a principal verb in the lexicon of New Yorkers, but now more than ever. It’s an important way to help sustain local restaurants. When I finally reach one of my weekly allotted cheat meals, the first search term I’m greedily typing into Seamless is “Chicken Parm.” By far the best I’ve had in the city is the eponymous Parm — the casual Carbone spin-off from Major Food Group.

Their thick-cut, white-meat, hella-crispy chicken is lightly sauced, blanketed in fresh mozzarella, and stacked generously atop a (correctly) sesame-seeded Italian submarine roll. No options, no add-on’s, no dicking around with the time-tested formula; just the purest iteration of god’s own hangover cure.

If I’m not similarly gorging on their seasoned parmesan shoestring fries, I’m tucking into a container of their justifiably-famous Calabrian Chili Rotini. It’s a spicy, creamy affair reminiscent of a punched-up vodka sauce. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to pretend I’m being minimally health-conscious with their Sunday Salad. But that’s mostly just so I can snack on the brine-y pepperoncini piled atop the lightly dressed iceberg.

Bricco Trattoria, West Hartford, CT — Chef Tyler Anderson, Tanda Hospitality

One of my favorite restaurants is Bricco in West Hartford. Chef Billy Grant has been churning out Italian American classics out of the two big wood-burning ovens at Bricco for over 20 years. This is exactly the kind of restaurant you want in your neighborhood and, lucky for me, it’s in mine. It’s the kind of restaurant that always feels right. It’s almost embryonic — like there is no other place you want to be when you’re there.

One of the best things I have eaten since all this shit went down is the Chicken Milanese from Bricco. There’s something wonderfully comforting about a piece of chicken, pan-fried in duck fat, and then topped with a caper lemon beurre blanc. When taken to-go, the chicken acts as a sponge for the sauce. The butter soaks all into the chicken, but somehow it stays crispy. Drizzled with Saba and finished with a frisee and roast pepper salad with a little lemon juice, the finishing touches give this dish just what it needs. That little crunch and acidity take it over the top.

Truth be told, I probably eat this dish almost once a week when things aren’t upside down. Eating at home just brings a little normalcy to an otherwise crazy world. Now, I eat it twice a week.

Landbirds, Chicago, IL — Greg and Rebecca, DEVOUR POWER

Eddie at Landbirds whips up the most delicious Korean lollipop chicken we’ve ever had! Their flavors range from a mild/medium — which is more on the sweet/savory spicy end — to tiger and Spicy Tiger. The Spicy Tiger is a favorite of ours and definitely packs a punch.

They are currently open for takeout and delivery and just like their normal policy, they close each day when the chicken runs out. So make sure to get your orders in early!

Rolf And Daughters, Nashville, TN — Chef Brian Morris, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

We’ve been so busy these past weeks and I honestly haven’t eaten many meals more than a bite or two in passing. But this bad boy is the sando of my fat boy dreams. Rolf And Daughters is one of my favorite places in Nashville. We usually go for the awesome cocktails, scratch pasta, and great tunes. They’re amazing, over the top, and yet super relaxed and familiar. Just like their GOAT prime rib melt!

The sandwich is stacked with 120-day aged prime rib, buttery, crunchy sourdough, a bulb-y Horsey sauce schmear, provolone, and black garlic. Uuugghhhh. I would smash another one right now!!

GE Chano’s, Los Angeles, CA — June Quan, Stir And Style

My brother introduced us to his favorite Mexican restaurant called Chano’s about four years ago and it has been our go-to to-go spot for burritos and taquitos ever since. We order from them so often that they know our order when we call in. In fact, Dan has their number saved in his favorites! We always call our order in first which is: Four Loco Burritos (add rice), two orders of taquitos (guac on the side), al pastor quesadilla, carne asada fries, two orders of fries burnt crispy, a large soda, and red and green salsa on the side.

There’s a method to the madness. Their Loco Burrito is a cheese-stuffed, egg wrapped Chile Relleno burrito with carne asada, refried beans, cheese, rice (you’ll need to ask to add rice), and salsa. It’s the juiciest burrito you’ll ever have. We order their crunchy taquitos with guac on the side so it doesn’t get soggy on the drive home. We order our fries “burnt crispy” as we love them well done and extra crispy! On the drive home, it’s tradition to eat the fries in the car. Pro-tip: If you need to reheat the burrito the next day, simply put the whole thing in the microwave (yellow paper and all) and heat for two minutes.

Every time we go, we post about them on my IG and it makes me so happy to see that many of my followers from all over the world have gone to support this family business as their food is truly some of the best!

White Oak Tavern, New York City — Megan Murphy, Food and Travel Writer

The chicken pot pie from White Oak Tavern is hands down the greatest carry-out in all of New York City. During these scary and unprecedented times, I’ve been especially craving comfort food. And this is the epitome of comfort in a dish.

It’s sizable and hearty, with a golden, buttery pie crust enveloping a rich velouté brimming with chunks of Joyce Farms chicken, potatoes, peas, and mirepoix that’s been sautéed in garlic confit oil. The filling is savory and deeply satiating, with layers of flavor from fresh parsley, rosemary, and thyme. And it’s made from scratch (you can tell). It feels like a big ol’ hug for your soul.

This cozy tavern off Washington Square Park has long been my go-to for craft cocktails and scratch-made comfort food. If you haven’t indulged in their knockout chicken pot pie yet, please do yourself a favor. It’s available for pickup from Tuesday through Sunday evenings.

Gola’s Kitchen, Seattle, WA — Chef Hillel Echo-Hawk, Birch Basket Catering

Gola’s Kitchen is a husband and wife catering team, Michal Gola and Osiris Navarro, based out of Rainier Beach, Seattle. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Due to the current situation in the world, they had to switch up their business model. Instead of catering at an event space or office building, they are doing meals that can be picked up or delivered.

They all go perfect for movie nights and are very affordable. Bonus, a portion of the proceeds will and have always gone to the community or you can buy a meal for someone in the community for $10. Their Goodfellas three-course meal for two is the perfect place to start! You’ll get baked ziti in a red meat sauce, breaded pork cutlets, and garlic green beans. You’ll definitely want to add the cannoli for dessert.

Not only are you getting delicious food, but you are also helping the community. So support this awesome small business and the people in the South Seattle area. One of the reasons I think they are such an incredible business is because they are so passionate about helping the community that supports them.

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats at Chelsea Market, New York City — Chef Marc Forgione, Iron Chef Champion & Marc Forgione

I’m lucky to live not too far away from one of my favorite butchers/meat stores, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market. They have all kinds of different meat, sandwiches, sausages, and takeaway meals. All of their meat is sourced from farms in upstate New York. It’s really amazing quality. Plus, I like knowing that I’m supporting local farms.

Even before the shelter in place rule, I would shop there on my days off for meat to cook at home, so it’s great that they’re so close by and I can still support them. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful Easter ham and pork loin from them recently that my whole family will enjoy. I’m definitely already thinking about fun ways to use up the leftover pork/ham.

The Brothers Sushi, Los Angeles, CA — Jacob Layman, Food & Drink Photographer

Like most people, I’m trying to save as much money as possible right now. But if I’m looking to splurge, then it’s definitely going to be on some amazing sushi. The Brothers Sushi in Woodland Hills is truly top-notch and their sushi plates are jaw-droppingly good.

They’ve created a “Special Take-Out Menu” since their dining room is closed. They’re also offering steep discounts on their plates. For instance, their 30-piece sushi plate is $50 off, making that an amazing value for some of the best sushi in town.

Le Paddock and Werkstatt, Brooklyn, NY — George Motz, Author, Chef, & Burger Scholar

I consider myself very lucky. I live in the absurdly quiet neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, the ‘hood just south of popular Park Slope. It’s great to live in such a relaxed part of NYC. I’m also lucky because we just happen to have two of the best restaurants in Brooklyn that not too many know about (yet), Le Paddock and Werkstatt.

They are very similar. They’re both great hangs with uncomplicated comfort food and welcoming bars. And not surprisingly, the owners of both are friends (I usually find the owner of one, after hours, at the bar of the other). They also share some of the same staff. Sometimes your bartender is at Werkstatt, sometimes he’s at Le Paddock. The customers also move from one to the other. That’s where the similarities end.

Le Paddock is a classic French bistro plus pizza. A grandfathered-in wood-burning pizza oven is the crown jewel of the place. Werkstatt is an easy-going Austrian haunt from celebrated chef Thomas Ferlesch.

When restaurants around the city began to close because of COVID-19, I feared the worst for my two locals. Fortunately for all of us, they remain open and push out their greatest hits for delivery. Chef Ferlesch is a Weiner schnitzel genius. He serves a gigantic house-made soft pretzel and makes a fine truffle oil burrata salad as well. Greg and Sylvie at Le Paddock have Steak Au Poivre, Coq Au Vin, a tasty burger, and, thankfully, the pizza oven is still cranking.

I’m blessed to have both of these gems within my gastronomic reach. I’m not sure my neighborhood would be the same without them. In fact, I’m positive it would not.

Lyra, Nashville, TN — Charles Nelson, President of Nelson Green Brier Distillery

One of the best meals I’ve had to take out recently has been from Lyra. It’s absolutely amazing. The warm fresh pitas and hummus provided some much-needed comfort. The pitas are so good, I order plenty for the week ahead. Everything on their menu shines: The Brussels sprouts, octopus, harissa roasted beets, beef lachmajoun flatbread… that just scratches the surface. It’s all so good.

Oh, don’t sleep on their to-go cocktails either! The Agent Smith cocktail is a favorite of mine — and not just because it’s made with Belle Meade Bourbon. It’s a mix of bourbon, Cocchi Vermouth, Yellow Chartreuse, and orange bitters and is only $20 for a two-pour serving! It’s the perfect pairing for this amazing food.

Fish Cheeks, New York City — Caitlin Sakdalan, Food Writer

There’s your basic Thai takeout, and then there’s Fish Cheeks. While I admittedly love Pad Thai as much as anyone else, it is not a traditional dish from the country (fried noodles came to Thailand from China), and Fish Cheeks declare themselves a no Pad Thai zone for this reason. Nonetheless, everything here is so bold, dynamic, and delicious that you won’t miss it. With a heavy focus on seafood and spice, Fish Cheeks elevates Thai home-cooking that feeds your soul with unfiltered-yet-approachable flavors.

My staple is their creamy coconut crab curry with a spice that simultaneously stings and satisfies. Following that first bite, your taste buds will awaken and you’ll be reminded that you are alive, even after being cooped up on your couch all day. If you are like me, you’ll end up addicted and soaking every bit up with rice until you’re sweating.

NOLAKOREA, New Orleans, LA — Chef Isaac Toups, Toups Meatery

At my house, we love to eat out. It’s our only hobby. When we don’t feel like putting on clothes or brushing the kids’ hair, we order out. Nowadays, we are cooking a lot at the house but we needed a break. So Amanda orders some Korean bbq from NolaKorea.

I had never had or heard of them before. But I love Korean BBQ, so I was in. We got some dumplings and a wonderful rice dish, but the star was the short ribs. Full of umami flavor, charred perfectly, served with some kimchi, and a soy-based sauce. It was exactly what I needed. Comfort food that really made my day. It’s the little things that will get us through this.

Bar Basic, Brooklyn, NY — Chef Michelle Doll, Chef & Author

We are feeling both lucky and cursed to live in NYC right now. On the one hand, we (like many New Yorkers) don’t have laundry in our building or any outdoor space. On the other hand, I can get to a bodega, Duane Reade, or a grocery store faster than they can realize that yes, those were pajamas. Face masks were the level of anonymity we never knew we needed! Another reason we’re lucky is that about one-third of our restaurants have stayed open and are doing take-out or delivery. I’ve been cooking my butt off, but after three squares a day for three weeks, I needed a freaking break.

Bar Basic in Park Slope to the rescue. Their burgers are legit. Our 10-year-old ordered a plain burger that I scraped the cheese off of because who the hell is this child and why won’t he eat cheese? Maniac. He rounded it out with some perfect sweet potato fries. Now for the adults. I ordered the beef brisket on brioche sandwich with coleslaw and the fancy grilled peach with goat cheese and candied walnut salad. They give you the option of ordering it unassembled (everyone should do this) so no sogginess happens while it’s en route. I split them both between two plates (I opted to go bun free). And it was a ridiculous amount of ridiculously delicious food. It really felt like a special treat and we both woke up this morning saying, “Dang, that was really good.”

Blue Giant, New Orleans, LA — Mark C. Stevens, UPROXX Writer

The best takeout meal I’ve had recently is from the newly opened Chinese-American spot Blue Giant in New Orleans. The city’s local restaurants are slowly closing up for the foreseeable future but Blue Giant, among others, is holding strong. The owners came over from local gem Cochon and had opened their doors just months before the pandemic hit. However, they have shifted gears nobly by switching to a takeout only menu to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

They switch up the menu depending on sourcing, so ordering a bunch of what’s fresh is the move. Last week they came out shooting from the hip with this duck lo mein that allowed for that nanosecond of distraction — making one forget time and place, quarantine and isolation. It just makes you go “damn, that’s fucking good.” Then, when you are spiraled back into reality, you’re reminded of what you’ve often taken for granted: a small, simple delicious meal.

Bohemian, New York City — Caitlin Sakdalan, Food Writer

You may have not heard about this one because it’s a restaurant speakeasy. Before the coronavirus crisis, Bohemian in NoHo operated under the radar, behind a Japanese butcher shop in Andy Warhol and Basquiat’s old studio. They didn’t have a published number, and you had to be referred to this community through an existing patron. Despite the difficulty to dine here, Bohemian has always been one of my favorite gems in New York City for their playful-yet-comforting Japanese-inspired dishes and divinely balanced cocktails.

Now, for the first time ever, you can order takeout via Caviar. Their Foie Gras Nigiri Sushi is a melt-in-your-mouth umami flavor bomb that you’ll be dreaming about for days. Order this and their Jimi’s View, a lavender-infused vodka cocktail with lemon juice and vanilla syrup. It’s bright, aromatic, and will make you feel like you’re outside instead of in quarantine.

Fortune Express, Washington, D.C. — Chef David Rico, I-Collective

Takeout usually isn’t in the budget, but when a little extra money comes around it is nice to treat yourself. Here in D.C. going for takeout is synonymous with the many small Chinese restaurants all over the city (try to avoid where the tourists flock). The Chinese restaurants in D.C. have deep roots in local communities and are your best bet for finding a D.C. delicacy, mumbo sauce. There’s nothing more D.C. than mumbo sauce (and Gogo music). The sauce ranges from orange to brown with a sweet, tangy, and spicy taste. You can order it over just about anything, but getting fried mumbo wings with fried rice is always the right choice. For that, I always choose Fortune Express on 14th St. when I need to kick back, relax, and eat some good food.

In these difficult times, COVID-19 has unearthed anti-Asian racist sentiments. While some are illogically blaming their neighbors for a pandemic that started an ocean away, the rest of us need to show some love. Chinese carryout has been with us for a long time, dishing out culture, community, and good cooking.

Flip Sigi, New York City — David Ma, Food Artist & Director

I love the Cali Burrito from Flip Sigi. It’s pork and chicken adobo, guacamole, cheese, and of course, french fries. They also have banana ketchup (on their burgers and fries) that is out of this world. It’s comfort. It’s a meal in your hand and hits just as good whether it’s a late-night purchase or a sober mid-day lunch purchase.

Flip Sigi is all about bringing Filipino comfort food to the masses. I can tell you that even if you’ve never had Filipino food before, this is the gateway dish that’ll help you fall in love for the first time. While in lockdown, this burrito brings comfort to uncomfortable times.

Gammel Kongevej, Copenhagen, Denmark — Cory Smith, Beer Writer & Photographer

The glowing, neon glove of Hart Bageri greets visitors walking a bustling stretch of Gammel Kongevej in Fredericksburg — a leafy, park-filled neighborhood of Copenhagen. Since Richard Hart opened the small bakery, it’s been a hit with locals and visitors alike. Elbows cram together inside as patrons gobble up kanelsnegles (cinnamon buns) while an eager line snakes out the door.

A few weeks ago, that all changed. Hart, like many others, shifted to a take-away only business. That didn’t dampen their creative spirit, however. Since pivoting, they’ve launched a delivery business, and they debuted a new item — Hart Pizza Weekends.

My wife and I got a kit last weekend and I can’t overstate how fun it was to make. Sure it would be a lot easier to grab pre-made take-out. But where’s the fun in that? Once home, your kit has everything you need, along with the instructions to have you slinging pies like your favorite pizzeria. Okay, maybe that takes some practice. The beauty of these kits is they not only provide a meal, but also a much-needed fun activity. Flour your surface, roll out your dough, top your pizza, bake, eat, and then start making plans for where you’re going to fit that wood-fired oven in your kitchen.

In Good Company Hospitality, New York City — Kristin Sluyk, Food & Wellness Writer

Family-run In Good Company Hospitality owns over a dozen of my favorite NYC restaurants, from Refinery Rooftop to Parker & Quinn, Bungalow Bar, Park Avenue Tavern and the soon to debut, The Rockaway Hotel. Their restaurants are New York staples that bring a unique vibe to a saturated dining scene.

Normally as the weather warms, I’d be doing happy hour and apps on Refinery Rooftop with my coworkers and spending the weekends in Rockaway Beach at the bayfront Bungalow Bar. But for now, I’ve been ordering online from their creative pairing menu. The revolving menu changes daily and serves up delicious dishes for two perfectly paired with local and international wine labels for $39. It keeps things interesting at home and supports all of my favorite restaurants. Tonight on the menu was flank steak with charred onions alongside potatoes and salsa verde with a bottle of cab. My boyfriend and I will enjoy while watching the next episode of Ozark.

The owners are really good people and care so deeply about the people that they employ. They’ve implemented ‘Family Meal’ providing free meals to restaurant workers across New York City who lost their jobs. The GoFundMe initiative they started has already raised nearly $60,000. Additionally, they are making it easy for people to support the restaurant industry with dining bonds, and are also supporting frontline workers by delivering meals to hospitals. That’s #NYStrong!

Bears Smokehouse BBQ, Hartford, CT — Kevin Masse, Food Writer & Home Cook

Bears Smokehouse BBQ is my go-to takeout during this time. Not only is their food perfect for take-out, but the team behind bears is always first to step up by donating their time and food when disasters hit. I support bears because Bear’s supports the community. BBQ has a way of bringing people together and Bear’s BBQ has been just that for me during this time.

My go-to anytime, but especially right now, is their Super Spud. It’s baked to perfection and then stacked with their in-house mac and cheese, bacon, sour cream, onions, and more cheese. It’s the comfort food that’s needed right now.

Farina Baking Company, Queens, NY — Stephanie Perez, YeahFoodBeer

I live in Jackson Heights, Queens, one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods during the pandemic. Since this landed, all of our lives have been turned upside down and so many businesses have been affected. No one is insulated from this upheaval — nail salons, barbers, pet stores, groceries, you name it. So many independently-owned restaurants and bars that rely on onsite dining and foot traffic have had to pivot to a take-out or pick-up delivery model to try and make ends meet. Some were already doing these things and others really had to rework themselves. Farine Baking Company really hit the gas pedal in this regard.

Not only are they doing all they can to stay in business, but they’ve also been tirelessly giving back. Each morning they set up a table with free food bagged up for people in the community who are going through financial hardships and cannot afford staples. They also provide free kid’s menu meals for children with the purchase of adult entrees (Monday through Friday). Chef/owner Michael Miglano has been working closely with organizations to provide tons of complimentary meals for healthcare heroes at Elmhurst Hospital (where he was actually born).

I recently ordered their Farine burger, southern fried chicken sandwich, fries, a double chunk chocolate cookie, vanilla funfetti cupcake, and a mini key lime pie. I swear it wasn’t all for me! It came quickly, was prepared and packaged thoughtfully, and everything was delicious AF. They even offer a contact-less delivery. If you live (or are quarantining) in their delivery zone, I wholeheartedly recommend them. You can order directly from their website or find them via Seamless, GrubHub, and UberEats.

Squeeze In, Reno, NV — Celeste Rodriguez, Visit Reno Tahoe Rep

One of my favorite restaurants for a delicious brunch is Squeeze In. And while I can’t go out for brunch with friends right now, I can make the weekends feel more exciting with catered brunch at home. It also gives me a chance to get creative with one of Squeeze In’s at-home mimosa kits. With a six-page menu, it’s hard to choose. But, the family-owned and operated business has the best omelets on the planet that they started serving up in 1974, in a small kitchenette. They’re so good that they now have eleven locations in California, Reno Tahoe, Idaho, and Texas.

My go-to for brunch: the Lake Taco with chorizo or carne asada sautéed with red onions tomatoes, bell peppers, and Monterey jack cheese, topped with the house pico de gallo, and always add the avocado. What’s really nice is they also have a ‘sponsor a meal’ button on their website, where people can donate a meal to a healthcare worker when ordering brunch—in.

Alidoro, New York City — Charles Thorp, Travel Writer/Podcaster

There’s a reason that New York is famous for its sandwiches, and it is more than just the bread. It’s also the artisans from all over the world who deliver unique and inventive combinations from their own culture and creativity. One of the places that optimize this is Alidoro, which started as a local lunch hotspot on Sullivan Street in Soho, and now has three individual yet equally intimate locations all over the city.

Despite the expansion, the menu has remained true to what Alidoro does well, and that’s amazing sandwiches. Their namesake item features prosciutto, hot peppers, sweet peppers, mushroom paste, fennel, hot spread, and arugula. Their newer offering, the “Sara”, features smoked chicken breast, soppressata, arugula, sweet roasted peppers, hot honey, and Calabrian chili spread.

Faced with quarantine, ordering a sandwich may seem like it should be low on the list for takeout. Everybody has made sandwiches at home, probably to some success. Not like this though, believe me. These are the true sandwich artists, and every bite is an explosion of flavor. For my order, I went with the “Brando” — a combo of smoked chicken breast, provolone, sweet roasted peppers, arugula, and one of my favorite actors. I threw in a can of Blue Point Toasted Lager and a Caprese salad to get those greens. They also offer “make at home” kits for mimosas and Aperol spritz.

Fin’s Sushi & Grill, Boston, MA — Ryan Nagelhout, UPROXX Writer

Fin’s Sushi & Grill in Boston is really good, and their spicy combo (spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, spicy salmon) is my go-to order every time. There are trendier and more well-renown places to eat raw seafood in the city but after a full fortnight of social distancing, it was exactly what I needed on a Friday night with a Heady Topper leftover from a ski trip.

Nostalgic take-out meals are essential right now because the city is shaking off the turned-off TV grey of winter and we can’t enjoy the outdoors yet. In a lot of ways, Fin’s is part of my own settling into the city’s changing seasons. It reminds me of walking through Beacon Hill to my girlfriend’s apartment the summer before I moved here, and later cutting through Boston Common to their location on Boylston for dinner before a movie next door. Hopefully, those things will all be there to enjoy again once this is over, but for now, the delivery fee and tip are well worth it to experience even a part of what makes living here special to me.

La Fuente Bar And Grill, Los Angeles, CA — Jacob Layman, Food & Drink Photographer

My all-time favorite burrito in L.A. is the El Rey at La Fuente (at any of their three locations). It is absolutely massive and loaded with all the good stuff. La Fuente is one of those places that’s an iconic L.A. institution with a deep menu of comfort foods. The El Rey is comes with your choice of meats (Carne Asada, beef tongue, shredded beef, and so on), rice, bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, guacamole, plenty of cheese, and their own spices blend. The whole thing needs two flour tortillas to contain it.

The Budlong Hot Chicken, Chicago & Denver — Greg and Rebecca, DEVOUR POWER

Jared from Budlong has mastered Nashville Hot chicken like no one else we know. It’s super crispy and spicy on the outside while tender and juicy on the inside. You can choose from tenders, sandwiches, or jumbo wings. We highly recommend their buttermilk ranch sauce to help cut the heat!

They are offering delivery and curbside pickup from their Chicago and Denver locations.

Huong Hue, Westminster, CA — Loan Hoang, UPROXX Studio Project Coordinator

While figuring out my food strategy at the beginning of quarantine, I knew that I had to find some way of getting my Vietnamese food fix while hunkered down in my apartment. Los Angeles has some great Vietnamese spots but for specialties, you have to head south to Orange County, which is probably not the best to do very frequently under Safer at Home regulations. Instead of filling my freezer exclusively with Trader Joe’s frozen foods, I swung by Huong Hue, a small Mom-and-Pop shop located in Little Saigon specializing in Central Region Vietnamese food to stock up on one of my favorite dishes, bánh bột lọc.

These small clear tapioca dumplings with a savory filling of shrimp and pork can come individually wrapped in banana leaves (bánh bột lọc lá) and, when ordered frozen, they make a great option for a meal at home. When I’m hungry, all I need to do is place some dumplings still wrapped in the banana leaf in a steamer for 10-15 minutes and voila, Vietnamese comfort food to eat while I binge on Animal Crossing.

Ristorante & Pizzeria Dante, Berlin, Germany — Zach Johnston, UPROXX Life Deputy Editor

Berlin may seem like a faraway place. But, it’s just like anywhere else right now — locked down and struggling to stay afloat. This entry is less about “hey, go to my local pizzeria” and more about gently reminding you that if you can, you should definitely support your local pizzeria. Pizza is one of those things that’s almost taken for granted and therefore very inexpensive to the consumer.

My local pizza joint is a family-run affair. Mom and pop run the show. Their son and nephews work the bar and floor. Everyone is from Italy and they barely even speak German. It’s a place that feels like a home away from home and has provided years and years of memories through birthday celebrations, anniversaries, cold winter nights, and warm summer afternoons.

We try to order from them every Sunday. We get four pies (one for each of us) and a big bottle of red wine for carry-out. The pies are Neapolitan style. We try to leave a big tip if we can that week. Last weekend, I got a Genovese pie with anchovy, olives, cherry tomato, fresh garlic, and capers. It was a salty, briny, umami delight. Though my go-to is generally spicy chorizo salami with black olives. It’s always a winner washed down with some Italian vino.