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Disney+ Censored The Nudity In ‘Splash’ In The Silliest Way Possible

Disney+ is famously (or is it infamously) family-friendly; there is nothing harder on its coffers than a PG-13, and quite a lot of it is far softer than that. But they go a step further: They scrub clean anything that features extreme cursing or nudity. When it first launched in November, some noticed that the 1987 comedy Adventures in Babysitting was curiously missing its two well-deployed f-bombs. Another movie too hot for Disney+? The 1984 mermaid rom-com Splash. Even though it was rated PG, it does have a couple butt shots of co-star Daryl Hannah. As caught by ScreenCrush, one person noticed they censored that in a most curious fashion.

The scene comes towards the end of the film’s first act, in which our hero, an uptight wholesale fruit and vegetable business co-owner played by Tom Hanks, almost drowns but is rescued by a sexy mermaid, played by Neil Young’s current wife. She doesn’t speak English, and she doesn’t have any clothes, and after kissing him she runs, starkers, back into the ocean. (Don’t worry: She’ll emerge later, shocking tourists on NYC’s Liberty Island by traipsing about in her birthday suit, although with that scene Disney+ simply zoomed in, obscuring any naughty bits that could traumatize young eyes.)

How many tots are putting on a PG-13 rom-com about a man in love with she-fish? Possibly not many, but good to know Disney+ is prepared. As pointed out in the tweet, the CGI used to hide Hannah’s shame looks suspiciously like the “digital fur technology” that so tarnished last year’s notorious motion picture version of Cats. (You can watch the full, uncensored scene here, though warning: It has incredibly mild, PG-rated nudity, although for some reason the censored version of the movie has been re-rated PG-13.)

Will kids wind up asking their parents how Hannah’s long hair somehow manages to turn into what looks like a bathing suit bottom? In any case, it’s another reminder that Disney+, home to movies like 1971’s legendarily bad Million Dollar Duck, is the weirdest streamer on earth.

(Via ScreenCrush)