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This Dog Tackling A Child At An Easter Egg Hunt Is Perfect Football Teaching Tape

The NFL Draft is just over a week away and when next Thursday night’s first round commences, future stars will learn where they’ll be playing and teams will hope they’ve found a franchise difference maker that can lead them into playoff and title contention.

This year’s draft is stacked with talent, most notably at wide receiver and offensive tackle, but for those in need of defensive help there’s plenty of playmakers on that side as well. Right now with social distancing in place, it’s tough for those players to get any group work in or participate in any tackling drills, but when they come back they’ll need to fine tune their skills once again and make sure they get back to the fundamentals.

When that happens, I’d like to offer up some spectacular teaching tape that emerged over the weekend, courtesy of a dog and an oblivious child at an Easter egg hunt. As the child trots from one family member to the other, BARKevious Mingo here recognizes he’s got the angle and can keep this kid from reaching paydirt and delivers one of the most brutal, yet clean hits we’ll see all year.

The reverse angle really proves just how clean this hit is. The dog gets its body in front of the ball-carrier, turns the head and delivers a clean shoulder-to-shoulder strike. I mean, just look at this impact.

For every defender that can’t seem to figure out how to deliver a hard hit over the middle of the field without leading with their helmet, take note from Bobby WAGner in this video. I’ve got a strong second round grade on him.