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The National Debut An Aquatic ‘Hard To Find’ Video Seven Years After The Song’s Release

The National have been a band for just over two decades, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. The band released the record I Am Easy To Find in 2019 and had big plans to tour this year, which have been canceled due to the pandemic. After setting up a relief fund for their touring crew, The National are making up for a canceled tour with a special gift to fans. The group released an official video accompanying their song “Hard To Find” seven years after the song was first released.

Accompanying the 2013 Trouble Will Find Me track, the “Hard To Find” video is a scenic underwater view. A man explores the ocean floor and encounters a seal on his journey.

Sharing the video to social media, the group wrote that the video consists of footage from an old hard drive. “Lost video for Hard To Find surfaces,” The National wrote on Twitter. “Director Michael Brown discovers lost underwater footage on old hard drive.”

Ahead of the video’s release, The National’s Matt Berninger spoke with Uproxx about their 2019 record. In the interview, Berninger said he doesn’t mind the “dad rock” label that gets attached to their music:

“The things that sound like insults, like dad rock — I like that. I like a lot of dad rock music, and even when I was a little kid, I liked the music my dad liked. Willie Nelson’s Stardust is a fabric of my DNA, because of my dad, my dad’s rock, or whatever. And I’m a dad, and I’ve been a dad for 10 years. I was writing about becoming a father way before I was, becoming a husband way before I even met my wife. ‘Slipping Husband,’ I wrote that about myself way before I met Carin. So, that doesn’t bother me. I mean, I don’t mumble that much, and I sing in lots of different registers. And I think I’m kind of funny, funnier even in the records. I’m not as funny as I think I am, but I’m funnier than other people think I am.”

Watch The National’s “Hard To Find” video above.