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The XFL’s Parent Company, Alpha Entertainment, Has Filed For Bankruptcy

The XFL has failed to make it more than one year, as the second iteration of Vince McMahon’s spring football league ends similarly to the first.

McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment, which was created to start and manage the second edition of the XFL, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware on Monday, officially ending the football league that had recently let go of most all employees and dropped down to a skeleton crew.

It’s hard not to be cynical about the move, as it keeps McMahon, who as Eric Fisher notes owned most all of the stock in the league, to avoid having to pay money still owed by filing for bankruptcy. It’s also why a separate entity was created in Alpha Entertainment, rather than launching the league under an established business like WWE, as it afforded them the opportunity to pull the rip cord if things went south rather than suffering total losses.

The saddest part is that the XFL was far more successful as a football league in its second iteration than the first. It wasn’t as gimmicky and has already seen a few players ink NFL contracts based on their performance. The rule changes they instituted were received positively and many hoped to see the NFL take from the XFL — not to mention a broadcast that was truly revolutionary. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak all but assured the league would end despite those successes, with the season being canceled and revenue no longer coming in fa crucial first season.