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Playboi Carti Allegedly Said He’d ‘F*ck’ A Deputy’s Daughter During His Recent Arrest

Playboi Carti was recently arrested on drug charges in his native Atlanta after being pulled over by deputies over expired tags on his car. Now, those deputies are accusing the rapper of using some pretty vulgar language during his arrest, according to TMZ. According to a police report, Carti was fed up before he was even placed under arrest, telling the officer who pulled him over he “had a hot wife” and telling him he’d “f*ck” his daughter.

Carti was also reported as saying he didn’t care about the expensive sports car and that he’d just buy a new one anyway. Allegedly, he told the officers to take him jail, because he “didn’t even care anymore.” A press release shared by Sheriff Victor Hill of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department advised that the rapper’s car contained 12 bags of weed, the drugs codeine, oxycodone, and xanax, and three guns. Carti was booked on charges of failing to display an updated license plate decal, improperly passing an emergency vehicle, and possession of marijuana before being released on bond.

The Die Lit rapper likely had plenty of reason to feel grumpy — after all, we’ve all got the quarantine blues — but also apparently has at least one thing to look forward to. During a recent livestream, Drake previewed a track that will apparently feature Carti, which will likely give the younger rapper the lift he needs to take his upcoming album, Whole Lotta Red, to mainstream levels of success.

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