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Retirement Party’s Swelling Single ‘Runaway Dog’ Heralds Their New Album

Chicago trio Retirement Party released their debut full-length effort Somewhat Literate in 2018 following an EP and a handful of singles. After an eventful two years for the breakout band, Retirement Party is ready for their next era. The group has announced their sophomore record with the boisterous lead single “Runaway Dog.”

Arriving as both the title track and the lead single, “Runaway Dog” showcases Retirement Party’s refined songwriting. The track opens with a noisy and powerful electric guitar chord. As the hook arrives, the chord slowly begins breaking down until an eruption of percussive elements flavors the instrumentation. Over the intricate production, vocalist Avery Springer uses the narrative of a loss of a dog as a metaphor for breaking out of old, unhealthy habits and finding new meaning in motivation. “I should rely a little less on success / A little more on divisible time / My appetite is not what it used to be / Moving onward, counting sheep,” Springer sings.

Listen to “Runaway Dog” above. Below, find the Runaway Dog album cover and tracklist.

Counter Intuitive Records

1. “Runaway Dog”
2. “Compensation”
3. “Old Age”
4. “Fire Blanket”
5. “No Tide”
6. “I Wonder If They Remember You”
7. “Ebb”
8. “Better Off Now”
9. “Afterthought”
10. “Wild Boyz”

Runaway Dog is out 5/15 via Counter Intuitive Records. Pre-order it here.