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Tom Hardy Transforms Into A Wild Gangster In A Surprise ‘Capone’ Trailer With A VOD Release Date

Well, well, well. Just when folks thought that the barren movie landscape pushed back most movies of interest, the Tom Hardy gangster movie previously known as Fonzo is stepping up to fill in a VOD blank. Maybe, just maybe, the Al Capone biographical drama — now retitled simply as Capone — will prop up the career of writer-director Josh Trank (Chronicle) after Fantastic Four set him back quite a few steps with audiences and critics. Trank’s subsequent feud with 20th Century Fox further tanked his prospects, but after fresh speculation on when this Capone picture would arrive, Trank hot-dropped it on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. The release date? Less than a month from now.

This trailer arrives about a year-and-a-half after Trank offered a first look at Hardy in character. The biopic will follow Capone’s life (and mindset) after nearly a decade behind bars, following the onset of dementia. He’s further tortured by the “memories of his violent and brutal origins,” according to a plot description (that sources back to 2016), which also reveals that he cannot separate the past from his current waking life. Hardy’s firing a machine gun in this trailer, so that should get some dollars, if that later-day pallor doesn’t help matters.

Of course, surrounding characters in this movie doubt whether Capone’s truly as haunted as he appears, or if his tortured appearance is all an act. Linda Cardellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillon, and Jack Lowden round out the cast of this movie that’s finally going to see the light of day living rooms in the not-too-distant future.

Look for Capone on VOD starting May 12.