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Will Morgan Survive On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’? The Video Evidence Makes A Strong Suggestion

There was a plan in place earlier this year to have a forty weeks in a row of The Walking Dead content. Forty consecutive weeks! Now, thanks to a virus unrelated to zombies, it’s been ten days since we last saw an episode of The Walking Dead, and no one knows when the series will return. Thankfully, AMC is filling the gap with the third season of Killing Eve, and they will also air season one of Shudder’s Creepshow on AMC next month, which comes from showrunner Greg Nicotero, who does special effects on The Walking Dead and directs a lot of episodes. FYI, there’s a cool Easter egg reference to the original Creepshow in an old episode of The Walking Dead.

In either respect, though we do not know when The Walking Dead or its new spin-off, The World Beyond, will be returning, AMC did promote Fear the Walking Dead during the pseudo season finale of The Walking Dead, saying that it would be back this summer. Is that true? Hopefully! Even if it does come back, however, what we don’t know at the moment is if Morgan Jones will continue on with the series. Last we saw, Morgan had been shot by the show’s newest villain, Virginia, and left for dead, as a small horde of zombies was converging upon him.

Things did not look good for Morgan. However, we did not see him transform into a zombie, so we cannot assume anything, right? In the promo, however, we did catch a glimpse of Morgan’s eyes, which were very, very red:


I think that a lot of people would see that shot and assume the worst: That Morgan had transformed into Zombie Morgan. I actually believe the opposite: The red eyes may be evidence that Morgan is still alive. Why? Because red, blood-filled eyes are not associated with walkers on The Walking Dead. The zombies on The Walking Dead tend to have milky eyes. It’s not the case every single time, but more often than not, the eyes tend to look more like Shane’s did after he transformed:


On the other hand, “Scleral and conjunctival hemorrhages” (i.e., blood in the eyes) is consistent with gunshot wounds to the chest, as Morgan suffered in the final moments of last season. In other words, Morgan is probably not dead, which means that there’s still a chance that someone will save him. Like, for instance: Sherry.

We’ll find out this summer (hopefully). Check out the promo video in question below.