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Doja Cat Fights Quarantine Boredom By Inventing The Oddball ‘Choke Me’ Challenge

Doja Cat is well-known for giving her quirky sense of humor free reign on her social media channels, leading to both conflict and comedy. While a recent tweet put her squarely in the sights of Nicki Minaj’s Barbz, over on TikTok, Doja’s shenanigans are much more appreciated. Late on Monday, quarantine boredom prompted her to try to spark a new social media challenge and with Doja being Doja, it’s naturally completely off-the-wall and a wild departure from the usual attempts.

Rather than cooking up a new dance routine for a song from Hot Pink — like the fan-created dance for “Say So” that Doja put into the official music video — Doja instead came up with an arm-flailing performance to Xzibit’s 2002 Man Vs. Machine cut, “Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)” while employing a face-distorting filter. She dubbed the “challenge” the #ChokeMeChallenge. She then re-posted the video to Instagram with the caption: “I’m sorry I know I been wilin but I wanted to make a challenge cuz I’m bored as f*ck f*ck u.”

The LA-based rapper and singer also recently used social media to make some semi-controversial statements about the ongoing coronavirus crisis, stating that she was unafraid of the virus. It’s just fortunate for her that she’s proven immune to social media’s habit of “canceling” controversial acts, but in the meantime, maybe she should stick to being a comedian.

Watch Doja Cat’s goofy “Choke Me Challenge” video above.