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Leonardo DiCaprio And Robert De Niro’s Charitable Tie-In For A Scorsese Walk-On Role Is Getting A Big Boost

After just a few short hours, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s charity challenge is already roping in big stars to help troubled communities in a big way during this difficult time. Thanks to a video assist from Robert De Niro, the Titanic star launched the #ALLinCHALLENGE on Instagram, which offers fans a chance to have a walk-on role in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film Killers of the Flower Moon if they make a charitable donation:

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be able to work with the great @martinscorsese_, Robert De Niro and myself, this is your chance. Robert and I are going to be starring in a new movie called Killers of the Flower Moon, directed by Martin Scorsese. We want to offer you a walk-on role, the opportunity to spend the day on the set with the three of us, and attend the premiere.
To take part, please go to and donate whatever you can.

As DiCaprio notes in his caption, all proceeds will to America’s Food Fund, World Central Kitchen, No Kid Hungry, and Meals on Wheels, which help feed vulnerable communities who need even more assistance during the current health crisis.

You can see DiCaprio and De Niro’s full announcement below:

Because this is Leo we’re talking about, it didn’t take long for other celebrities to join in. Ellen DeGeneres was the first to jump in with a Twitter video offering anyone who donates as little as $25 the chance to be her co-host for the day. She also challenged Laura Dern and Justin Timberlake to join in.

Matthew McConaughey also hopped in closely behind Ellen. The Texas actor offered fans a chance to attend a University of Austin football with him, and who wouldn’t want to hang out at a ball game with Rust Cohle himself? He also tagged in Jimmy Kimmel and Jonah Hill who probably won’t resist Leo’s call.

(Via Leonardo DiCaprio on Instagram)