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Cloud Nothings Joins Geoff Rickly To Craft A ‘Moody’ Playlist On The First Episode Of ‘Making A Mixtape’

We’re all looking for things to listen to while we’re stuck in quarantine. With digital streaming platforms, we have all of the music in the world at our fingertips, but still can’t seem to figure out exactly what we want to hear. Lucky for all of us, Geoff Rickly is here to help with Making A Mixtape, the new video offering from Uproxx’s Indie Mixtape. As the singer for the post-hardcore band Thursday, Rickly has a unique and experienced perspective on what it takes to craft an epic mixtape.

With Making A Mixtape, Rickly offers viewers a short playlist to fit a specific moment or experience during the day, whether that be “moody,” “energy,” or “details.” To help him brainstorm, Rickly has enlisted help from a few special guests. This week, Rickly is joined by Cloud Nothings’s Dylan Baldi to collaborate on a “Moody” mixtape for those moments where you just need to be left alone, instances that Rickly intimately understands through his music career.

Check out the first episode of Making A Mixtape above and follow the “Moody” playlist here.

Clairo — “Bags”
Joanne Robertson — “Am I Grief”
Big Thief — “Not”
The National — “Rylan”
Cloud Nothings — “So Right So Clean”
The Gordons — “Spik And Span”
Spiritualized — “So Long You Pretty Thing”

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