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Summer Walker Delivers A Soulful, Acoustic Cover Of Drake’s ‘Summer’s Over’

Not too many stars are keen to let fans see their burner accounts on social media, but Summer Walker has a slightly different philosophy. While she does use her @summerwalker account for official business, she makes little effort to hide her identity behind the @galactawhore account, on which she posts memes, news clips, conspiracy theories, and thirst traps with her face conspicuously visible. She also occasionally plays music, such as a soulful, acoustic cover of Drake’s ‘Summer’s Over Interlude’ from his 2016 album Views.

Of course, Drake and Summer go back a bit, since the Canadian superstar contributed a verse to the singer’s breakout hit, “Girls Need Love.” Drake also counted Walker as the inspiration behind two of his recent songs, which he wrote in the middle of the night after hearing her song “Fun Girl.” It’s only natural that she would add one of her favorite Drake songs to the growing collection of covers and she’s worked on, including Justin Beiber’s “Yummy.”

Although the singer promised that she would stop performing, then doubled down by vowing to stop making new songs of her own after 2020, it’s nice to know that fans will still be able to catch her performing in a medium she’s obviously much more comfortable with. She’s also got an appearance on the upcoming DVSN album to help hold fans over.

Watch Summer’s cover of Drake’s “Summer’s Over Interlude” above.