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WWE Superstars Reacted On Social Media To The Company’s Cuts

It’s been a huge day for WWE, and not the good kind. The wrestling company, which was recently deemed an “essential business” by the state of Florida after an interesting SuperPAC donation, is releasing a growing list of wrestlers and backstage employees. Some of these performers have reacted to the cuts on social media, starting with an emotional video from Drake Maverick.

Maverick’s video was part gracious, teary farewell, part promo. He said that he’s “very grateful” that WWE is still allowing him to compete in the tournament for an interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion, which will begin on tonight’s episode of NXT. The tournament’s round-robin format means Maverick has three more WWE matches, and he says “it’s very likely those will be the last matches I’ll ever have” and promised fans that “you’re going to get everything I have.”

Retired wrestling legend Kurt Angle bid the WWE Universe farewell with a tweet, saying “I wanted 2 say thank you to the WWE for the time I spent there.I made many new friends and had the opportunity to work with so many talented people. To the Superstars, continue to entertain the WWE Universe as well as you possibly can. They’re the best fans in the world. #itstrue.”

Fit Finlay, who was furloughed from his position as a WWE producer, also reacted on Twitter. After responding to a comment that all the pubs in Ireland should be obligated to give him free pints for life with “These guys know!!!!”, he thanked his fans and wished the wrestling industry well: “To everyone on Gods green earth. Thank you for the kind words. I’ve been doing this for 46 years(Wrestling)I pray you all get through this and we can share a hug and drink again. Stay healthy.”

Shane “The Hurricane” Helms responded with a funny tweet, then an optimistic statement that “I truly believe that this is just temporary. There are many people in this world in far worse situations than I am, so please don’t worry about me too much.” Curt Hawkins said he wasn’t in the mood to joke about his release this time around.

Former Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush released a longer statement about his WWE journey, and promised that “This isn’t the end nor the last you will be hearing the name #LioRush.”

Andrea Listenberger, the writer behind the Otis and Mandy storyline, revealed that she had been let go as well. She reflected that “I’m proud of the work I’ve been able to do since starting in Dec., and glad that the storyline I worked on resonated with so many people. That’s what writing is about for me.”

Rusev reacted to his release just long enough before WWE officially announced it for people to think he was trolling, with a tweet that said, “Thank you All, Rusev out!” This might be the WrestleMania tank entrance of WWE release reactions so far.

More statements from former WWE workers are likely to be released throughout the day, and this article will be updated accordingly.