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The Trailer For Anna Kendrick’s New Quibi Show Is… Wait, Is This A Real Show?

The new Quibi streaming service offers plenty of weird-looking shows that promise to embrace their oddness in a delightful way. Like Dishmantled, which includes host Tituss Burgess’ absolutely giddy reactions to seeing food launched into chefs’ faces. That’s a captivating kind of strange, depending on how your boat floats, and one upcoming show, Dummy (starring Anna Kendrick), looks really out there. Yep, this is the same Anna Kendrick who can win an Oscar nomination while holding her own next to George Clooney (in Up In The Air) and then pop right into the Twilight Saga. This Quibi show, though, looks nuts, and Kendrick executive produced the bite-sized project.

This show comes from the mind of Cody Heller (Deadbeat, Wilfred). According to Deadline, she reportedly found inspiration in her relationship with fiancé Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty, Community). There’s gotta be a lot of layers there, because in this show, Kendrick’s character, Cody, discovers that not only does her boyfriend keep a sex doll in his closet, but it’s a talking sex doll. The doll can rant, yes, through an uncanny-valley form of CGI, and it’s got a sassy personality and a feminist bent.

Will this show go full-on Thelma & Louise? It’s hard to guess, but Cody (a writer suffering from block) freaks out just like everyone else would, but then she and the doll become tight friends (at the suggestion of Cody’s therapist) and take a road trip together. “I have news for you, babe,” the doll tells Anna Kendrick. “We’re all sex dolls until we topple the patriarchy.” Oh boy.

Dummy streams on Quibi on Monday, April 20.