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John Krasinski And ‘Friends’ Will Play Virtual Prom DJs For Quarantining Teens

Prom seasons is nearly upon us, but there’s one problem: Schools are closed in 25 states due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s one of countless bummers to befall our nation as we endure a disaster unseen since the 1918 flu pandemic, and while there’s no replacement for dressing up in tuxes, attaching corsages, and awkwardly slow-dancing to a hot number spun by one of your teachers, at least someone is trying to offer the next best thing: John Krasinski announced on Friday, April 17th, he’ll step in as your prom DJ.

The actor, filmmaker, and apparent DJ broke the news on Instagram, with a TikTok video of dressed up in a blue tux, and at one point in casual quarantine clothes, singing along to “Lady in Red.” “That’s right class of 2020,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m DJing your prom with some friends this Friday night 8EST/5PST!! Click link in bio for invitation! See you then!” He then dropped the #SGNProm.

Krasinski didn’t reveal who the “friends” would be, but this follows a fairly common trend among entertainers, who, trapped in their homes, bored out of their minds, and no doubt itching to delight audiences, have turned on their webcams and beamed new material out along the information superhighway.

Krasinski is one of countless Hollywood players whose work was rescheduled as the outbreak worsened; you’ll still have to wait till September to see A Quiet Place Part II, which he wrote and directed but, as you may know, does not star in. One perk of all this horror is that he can add DJ to a CV that already includes beloved Office alum, David Foster Wallace adopter, Michael Bay action star, and Tom Clancy hero.

You can tune into Krasinski and company’s DJ set on Friday the 17th at 8pm on this YouTube channel.