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Lizzo Panics While Updating Fans On Her New Music Because She Left ‘Pizza Nuggets’ In The Oven

As the pandemic rolls on, restaurants are closed and a lot of people are home for most of the day. Consequently, some folks are doing more cooking than ever, with mixed results. Lizzo, for example, had a kitchen mishap during a recent Instagram Live session.

Lizzo took to Instagram to chat with her fans for bit yesterday, offering some insight about what she’s been up to, saying of her upcoming music, “I’ve been working on sh*t in my studio with people, and I have songs, I’m really excited about them. Any maybe when they get a little bit more finished, I’ll play them for you hoes. I might give you little snippets, because I know every artist…” At this point, she had a sudden and urgent realization, as she stopped mid-sentence and exclaimed, “Oh my god, my f*ckin’ pizza nuggets! F*ck, sh*t. My f*cking pizza nuggets, bro. Oh sh*t, I left them in the f*cking oven. F*ck!”

In some follow-up videos posted on her Instagram Story, she detailed how that situation ended up, saying, “Sh*t was burnt, but you know what I’m saying, I’ll just put a little bit of barbecue sauce on ’em.” “Pizza nuggets” may not be a household name sort of food, but Tyson introduced pizza-flavored chicken nuggets last year, so perhaps that’s what Lizzo was having.

While Lizzo’s culinary endeavors may not be going so well, at least she’s feeling creatively inspired.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.