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Megan Thee Stallion Scores A Legal Win Over Her Label

Megan Thee Stallion’s lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment and Carl Crawford will move forward after Megan scored a victory in court Monday (April 13), reports Billboard. A judge has reportedly denied a request filed by Crawford on March 11 to order Megan’s case to go to arbitration. According to Crawford, Meg’s contract includes language that would send any dispute to an arbitrator, rather than a more expensive legal proceeding in court.

However Harris County Judge Robert Schaeffer took Megan’s side and denied Crawford’s motion to compel arbitration, which means both parties will have to present cases in court, letting Schaeffer have the final say. Megan and 1501 have been publicly warring over the rapper’s contract since March, when Megan claimed that the label wanted to block her from releasing new music. While Meg was later able to do so thanks to a court order overruling 1501, resulting in the nine-track project Suga, the dispute only escalated from there, involving feared Houston street rap figure J. Prince and a war of words between Megan, Prince, and Crawford.

The dispute boils down to the amount of royalties each party believes they are owed, as well as ownership of the recordings Megan has created while under contract with 1501. With Meg’s latest victory, she and 1501 are both one step closer to seeing the dispute resolved — one way or another.

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