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Bazzi Playfully Promises Support With His Effervescent Track ‘I Got You’

Bazzi’s quick rise stems from his unique ability to proliferate hits by offering an exuberant mix of smooth pop and R&B. The singer released the heartfelt ode “Renee’s Song” to his girlfriend just a few weeks ago that followed the playful ode to young adulthood “Young & Alive.” Now, the singer has returned with the snappy track “I Got You.”

When Bazzi sat down to write the tune, he knew he wanted to make a viral TikTok hit. A day after releasing the track, Bazzi began a successful TikTok dance challenge using the memorable beat. Starting off slow, the single quickly picks up a rolling beat under Bazzi’s tender vocals. “I know I haven’t been a lover, I’ll be here for a while / There’s some insecure people tryna mess with the plans / You help me focus on myself, help me focus on the fans,” he croons.

Sharing the song, Bazzi wrote on Twitter that he completed the song relatively quickly: “i woke up today & decided i would make a song and put it online no matter what… i think it actually turned out kinda hard lol”

Listen to “I Got You” above.

Bazzi is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.