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DaBaby Fans Are Seemingly Disappointed In His New Album, But Can’t Agree On Why

DaBaby‘s third full-length project Blame It On Baby has arrived, but it looks like fatigue for his product has set in among fans on social media, despite the changes he’s made in response to their customer complaints. Although fans begged the Charlotte rapper to switch up his flow for a whole year, their reception to his new approach has been… let’s just say “mixed.”

While some fans are taking issue with specific bars from the song, others seem to just dislike Blame It On Baby in its entirety. However, there seems to be discrepancy in exactly why fans are trashing the album. While some have expressed disappointment with DaBaby’s new tendency to croon on more tracks than he did on his first two albums, Baby On Baby and Kirk, others have criticize his lack of growth between projects, accusing him of using the same flow.

However, some fans are defending the album, praising DaBaby for picking different-sounding beats and adding melodies to his arsenal of cadences, while acknowledging that their peers’ fickle complaints may very well have led to the problems they now have.

For what it’s worth, there seems to be a kernel of truth in each scenario. While DaBaby does add singing to many of his tracks, he also relies heavily on his usual AK-47 delivery when he isn’t crooning and while his producers employ plenty of interesting sounds and even beat switches, they stick closely to their signature collection of 808 drum kits and snare rolls that, while nearly omnipresent in pretty much all of hip-hop today, may not showcase as much variety for a rapper who’s releasing projects at a six-month clip. One thing is for sure, though: You can’t please everybody, even when you given them exactly what they think they want.

Blame It On Baby is out now on Interscope Records. Get it here.