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Dogleg Parody The Cult Classic Film ‘Clerks’ In Their Rambunctious ‘Wartortle’ Video

Michigan garage rockers Dogleg just released their debut record Melee, a nod to the popular Super Smash Bros. video game. The group previously debuted visuals to their unrestrained tracks “Kawasaki Backflip” and “Fox.” Now, the band returns with a clever visual to accompany the revved-up number “Wartortle.”

According to a press statement, the boisterous video was filmed “mere hours before the governor of Michigan declared a statewide, shelter-in-place lockdown.” A parody of the cult-classic film Clerks, the visual opens with vocalist Alex Stoitsiadis playing the lead character Dante. Stoitsiadis gets a call from his convenience store, asking him to come in on his day off. Begrudgingly, Stoitsiadis obliges. The black-and-white visual cuts between Stoitsiadis and other members recreating scenes from Clerk while also shredding on the store’s rooftop.

While Dogleg put on equally energetic live shows, they also offer fans a challenge before they get on stage. Anyone who can beat bassist Chase Macinski in a round of Super Smash Bros. Melee gets to walk away with free merch. To this day, despite the fact that they have played hundreds of shows and many fans have challenged Macinksi, only a few were able to claim victory.

Watch Dogleg’s “Wartortle” video above.

Melee is out now via Triple Crown Records. Get it here.