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Lauren Jauregui Shows Love To Friends And Family With Her ’50ft.’ Video

After leaving Fifth Harmony behind in 2018, Lauren Jauregui is finally ready to make it as a solo artist. Jauregui spent the majority of 2019 in the studio and she has now begun to steadily release new music. Kicking off her new era with the steamy, dance-ready track “Lento,” Jauregui returns with a different direction on the silky number “50ft.”

With “50ft.,” Jauregui warns those around her that she’s not one to put up with negativity. If she does encounter toxic behavior, she needs to give herself at least a 50-foot barrier from the drama. “Push a negative to the side / So it’s not in front of my eyes / Outta sight outta mind / I need more than 50 feet,” she croons.

The hazy video accompanying “50ft.” exhibits the track’s fluid nature. Directed by Inyegumena Nosegbe and Jauregui herself, the visual cuts between pastel clips of Jauregui spending time at home with her family and out on the town with friends. Filmed in December (ahead of the pandemic), the singer showcases her favorite activities like driving around in a Jeep with the windows down or linking up with her besties to grab some hot food at the local corner store.

Watch Jauregui’s “50ft.” video above.