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Seth Rogen Has A Theory For Why ‘Cats’ Was An ‘Appalling’ Movie

Being in a quarantine is a big adjustment for most people, but not Seth Rogen.

As host Jimmy Kimmel put it during Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the number-one fan of Cats is “a person who was actually cut out for this stay-at-home thing. I mean, your hair, your beard, just the kind of stuff you’re into.” Rogen did not disagree. “We are not all in this together,” he joked, “because this has not been that bad for me.” He’s gotten into pottery, and speaking of words that begin with the letters p-o-t, he’s been smoking an “ungodly” amount of pot. Thankfully, weed dispensaries are essential.

Kimmel also asked Rogen (who, I should note, was wearing an Alanis Morissette sweatshirt during the interview) about his live-tweeting of Cats. He knew nothing about Cats, either the musical or the movie, before watching the box office bomb, but was “shocked” to see how “crazy” and “appalling” it is. “It long supports a theory I have that when something is live, you have a much lower tolerance for how good or bad it is. Cats is the perfect example,” he continued. “That survived on Broadway for like 40 years. It sucks! As soon as you commit it to film, you see how it makes no sense.”

I’m guessing, unlike Hugh Jackman, Rogen wasn’t asked to be in Cats.