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THC-Heavy Cannabis Strains For An Extremely Lit 4/20

The coronavirus may have canceled every single one of our favorite festivals this year, but it’s not going to come between stoners and their ability to observe 4/20. Instead, we’re all gearing up for what is bound to be one of the strangest 4/20s ever — probably the first and last time you ever light up and get high with your friends over Zoom. With the nation in disarray and folks feeling isolated and lonely, it’s going to be a memorable celebration, for better or worse. That’s really saying something for a social holiday centered around a substance that tends to make people forget.

To help you mitigate the fact that you can’t hang with your friends on the holiest of high holidays, we’re offering a special 4/20 list of our favorite THC-centric strains. Whether you dig on Indicas, Hybrids, or Sativas, there is something here for everyone who wants to de-stress and get as high as they possibly can this 4/20. Next year, with any luck, we’ll light up outside, see our friends in person, and become one with nature or whatever. This year — we’re going to get hella high, not wear pants, eat all the snacks, and watch Tiger King again.

Here are all the strongest cannabis strains for an absolutely lit 4/20.

Caviar Gold Snoogans

THC: 40.2%
CBD: 5.2%
Strain: Indica

We’re kicking things off with a bang with Caviar Gold and Kevin Smith’s Snoogans strain. Packing a whopping 40.2 percent THC, this jar of top-shelf flower dipped in a THC distillate and dusted with kief is likely one of the strongest strains you’ll ever smoke. Snoogans is definitely not for novice smokers or those prone to paranoia — it’s not a good time if you fall into those categories, but if you’re able to handle your weed you’ll appreciate the ride.

With a smooth and pleasing blackberry scent, Snoogans has a sweet taste to match which will tempt you to take in drag after drag. Be warned, when the high hits, it’ll hit hard and fast. Expect closed eye visuals and a total loss of time, even if your tolerance is high.

Check Caviar Gold’s site or Weedmaps to find a dispensary holding Snoogans near you.

Alien OG

THC: 33.6%
Strain: Indica

Though not quite as strong a high as Snoogans, Alien OG will still leave you significantly lifted with its 33.6 percent THC content. Alien OG — a crossbreed between Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg — is leagues stronger than your average top-shelf strain. It provides a powerful body buzz that’ll leave you mostly immobile as you sink deep into your couch.

An absolute motivation killer, Alien OG has a tendency to keep me lost in my thoughts as I rode out the powerful body high, making this a great strain for those who are looking for an inward journey. Flavor-wise the strain has a distinct pepper bite.

Check Weedmaps to find Alien OG at a dispensary near you, or pick up the strain through Caliva if you’re in California.

Blue Dream

THC: 22.7%
CBD: 2%
Strain: Sativa

Blue Dream is to the 2010s what Purple Haze was to the late 60s. Sure, it can feel played out and predictable, but the strain is a classic for a reason. Fruity and fragrant, Blue Dream’s high will keep you active and full of ideas. Will they be good ideas? It doesn’t matter, you’ll think they’re good ideas in the moment. A great wake and bake strain, Blue Dream’s high is euphoric and uplifting. So it’s probably not a good idea to grab an eighth if you’re looking for a strain to help put you to bed.

Make sure you prepare some snacks beforehand because once you start to come down from the giggly high, you’ll be hit with a powerful case of the munchies. And considering Blue Dream’s tendency to indulge your weirdest ideas, if you don’t already have something on hand, you just might end up in the kitchen for hours trying to make something from scratch.

Check Weedmaps to find Blue Dream at a dispensary near you, or pick it at Med Men.

Durban Poison

THC: 24.5%
CBD: 0.1%
Strain: Sativa

Opening up a jar of fresh Durban Poison will instantly stink up your room with its pungent and earthy scent. The buds of this Sativa strain are surprisingly dense and caked with shimmering trichomes that’ll leave your fingers sticky as you break the bugs up. The dense and rich smoke this strain produces greets the palate with a wave of sweetness that gives way to a spicy after taste that’ll linger on your tastebuds long after your session is over.

The high provided me with pronounced body tingles and made me zero in on tactile sensations, making this an ideal strain for enhancing physical activities or make the most menial of tasks seem exciting.

Check Weedmaps to find Durban Poison at a dispensary near you, or pick up the strain at Med Men.


CBD: 1%
Strain: Hybrid

Beautiful to look at, Dosilato has rich forest green leaves flecked with brilliant orange hairs and deep purple streaks with a soothing fruity flavor that cools the throat. Dosilato is an Indica-dominant strain that produces some moderate sedation and melts stress away without leaving you feeling heavy and demotivated. After the initial peak, the high stays cerebral, giving you a clear-headed come down that won’t drag on your day.

Utilize this strain at midday or night. Dosilato feels tailored for chilling out. It doesn’t have the energizing kick of a strain like Durban Poison or Blue Dream, but its relaxing Indica attributes are ideal if your day leading up to your session was particularly stressful. 4/20 is on a Monday after all!

Check Weedmaps to find Dosilato at a dispensary near you, or pick up the strain from Kushagram.

Pie Face OG

THC: 21.1%
Strain: Hybrid

Pie Face OG is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain that’ll have you feeling giddy and euphoric like some kind of stoner stereotype. It’s the type of strain people like Jeff Spicoli would smoke — you know, if they had super-powerful medical-grade weed in the early 80s.

A good social strain, Pie Face might be better smoked with the people in your household rather than over Zoom with your separately quarantined friends. It’ll have you on the kind of wavelength that is better shared. So even if you’re currently feuding with the people you share walls with, Pie Face will have you feeling good, chatty, and ready to laugh at the dumbest stuff together.

Check Weedmaps to find Pie Face OG at a dispensary near you or pick up the strain from Caliva, Ashe, or King’s Crew.

Fire OG

THC: 21.34%
Strain: Hybrid

Fire OG has a name that sounds like it was made up on the spot and with little to no thought. But coupled with the strains earthy brownish-green appearance weaved together with stringy red hairs and its bitter earthy burn, Fire OG’s name is more than appropriate. Although a Hybrid strain, Fire OG leans heavier on its Indica attributes resulting in a powerful body high that’ll leave you sufficiently sedated. But if you ride that out, you’ll find the comedown feels significantly easier than your typical straight Indica.

Fire OG isn’t nearly as pretty to look at as the other strains on this list. It will supply you with a powerful high that won’t take over your day like the stronger Indicas on this list.

Check Weedmaps to find Fire OG at a dispensary near you.

Riff OG

THC: 26.87%
Strain: Indica

Crafted by Ember Valley, Riff OG is a powerful top-shelf indica strain that produces a long-lasting high that’s perfect for those looking to stretch out their supply while still being able to get sufficiently out of their heads. Riff has a pleasing aroma of deep pine with crisp citrus notes that cut through and produce a smooth smoke that’s easy on the throat and won’t leave you with the desperate need for a glass of water.

Riff is heavy with kief with a few orange hairs sprouting out from emerald green buds. It’s surprisingly easy to break up with just your fingers. I’d recommend skipping the grinder on this one, even if you’re planning on rolling this up. Though the hand-cut will work better for something like a blunt rather than a joint.

Check Weedmaps to find Riff OG at a dispensary near you, or pick up the strain from Caliva.