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Von Miller Was ‘Shocked’ To Find Out About His Diagnosis Despite Quarantining For Months

Despite physically distancing in Denver for the past four months and leaving the house just four times, Denver Broncos star Von Miller announced this morning that he tested positive for COVID-19.

In an interview on the “Today” show, Miller, who is asthmatic, said his illness began with a simple cough. After a few days, his partner told him that he sounded different when he spoke, so he used his inhaler, figuring it would go away. When that didn’t work, Miller said his assistant encouraged him earlier this week to get tested for COVID-19, at which point he did, and after two days, found out about his positive diagnosis.

Because he is in a risk group for the infectious disease considering his asthma, Miller said in the four times he left the house, he never even got out of the car. Whether in those trips to pick up food or through his contact with workers who have come and gone from his home, Miller ended up becoming infected, showing just how transmittable the disease can be.

Fortunately for Miller, he said on “Today” that he is beginning to feel better and none of the symptoms have been too bad. Miller became the second NFL player to come out publicly regarding a positive diagnosis, after Rams offensive lineman Brian Allen.