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Sandra Oh Has A Theory For How Eve Survived The ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Finale

In the final scene of Killing Eve season two, Villanelle shoots and, presumably, kills Eve, leaving her body behind in those Roman ruins. But in the season three premiere, which aired last Sunday, Eve is alive and well(-ish), working at a Korean restaurant in London. What happened in the six months between the episodes? Sandra Oh has an idea.

When asked why Villanelle would leave Eve without checking to see if she’s actually dead, the two-time Golden Globe winner told Variety, “I have my own theory, which might not be in line with the writers or even Jodie [Comer], because I don’t really know what Jodie felt like. What I thought is that [Villanelle] knows. She’s too good at her job. She knows.” In other words, Villanelle didn’t want Eve dead. Otherwise, she’d be, well, dead.

Oh also answered whether Eve and Villanelle could live happily ever after.

“No, and I think that’s what makes great drama. I think that’s what makes great romance. It’s the yearning that brings people in. It’s that dramatic storytelling. It’s based on desire and yearning.”

I get that. It’s like how I desire and yearn to discover why Villanelle is dressed as a clown in an upcoming episode. It’s the same thing, really.

(Via Variety)