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Zach LaVine Took Advantage Of His Athleticism To Beat Allie Quigley In HORSE

The second semifinal of the NBA HORSE Challenge pitted Allie Quigley against Zach LaVine in a Chicago battle of Sky vs. Bulls, and from the get go it was clear LaVine was not going to ease up when it came to skirting the “no dunk” rule after skunking Paul Pierce in the opening round.

LaVine gave Quigley her first letter with a between-the-legs reverse layup and did most of his damage the rest of the way on similar efforts.

He even admitted to being afraid of getting in a shooting contest with the WNBA sharpshooter, who tried to goad him into taking jump shots by noting he was one of the NBA’s best three-point shooters and pointing out how he made 13 threes in one game this season. She did have a few openings, as LaVine missed a few of his efforts, and put three letters on him with her patented hopping on one leg shot and seated bank shot, but ultimately, he regained control of shot choice and did too many wild layups.

To close things out, LaVine went off the backboard and between the legs, with Quigley unable to even get an attempt off, advancing to the finals against Mike Conley Jr.

It was a question going in whether LaVine would continue using his athletic advantage after dusting poor Paul Pierce in the first round with similar attempts. Quigley hung in there and made a few, including a bounce between the legs layup, but ultimately, LaVine was doing too many dunk contest quality layups for her to keep up.