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John Krasinski Hosted A Virtual Prom With Billie Eilish And The Jonas Brothers

The coronavirus pandemic has put the kibosh on almost all thing social, from concerts to moviegoing to beachgoing (unless you live in Florida). It even destroyed proms. But some entertainers have thought outside the box to keep their fans, and themselves, sane. And so, just as some musicians have been playing songs or even concerts online, John Krasinski announced Thursday that he’d be DJing a virtual prom, with a little help from some friends. On Friday, he did just that.

As per Entertainment Weekly, the actor-filmmaker took to his YouTube channel for his livestream, which, sure enough, featured some impressive guest cameos to entertain quarantined seniors. First there were Krasinski’s fellow Office alum Rainn Wilson and Chance the Rapper, followed by the Jonas Brothers.

“Since we never went to prom,” said Nick Jonas, “and because we want to share this experience with everyone staying safe at home, we could potentially do one of our songs if that’s alright, try to turn this party up a notch.” Then the trio, despite being in three different homes, managed to band together for a rendition of “Sucker.”

Billie Eilish then phoned in to perform “Bad Guy” with her brother Finneas O’Connell, fighting through some perhaps inevitable technical issues to managing to get through it in one piece. By the end, Krasinski addressed his virtual guests.

“You guys are missing a whole lot of things, and we couldn’t let prom be one of them,” Krasinki told them. “Chin up, this is all gonna be over soon. This weird level of joy is contagious; pick it up and do something with it.”

(Via EW)