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Money In The Bank 2020 Will Take Place At WWE Corporate Headquarters

With fans unable to attend wrestling shows for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an ongoing challenge to find ways to keep big matches interesting for folks watching at home. At WrestleMania, that included the very fun Boneyard Match, the completely bananas (and surprisingly deep) Firefly Fun House Match, and the less successful Performance Center Last Man Standing Match. Now we’ve found out the plan for next month’s Money in the Bank, and it’s certainly something we haven’t seen before.

On Smackdown, it was revealed that this year’s Money in the Bank matches won’t just involve climbing ladders – participants will be ascending WWE’s corporate headquarters at Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut. As Corey Graves put it on the show:

The match begins on the ground floor of headquarters, but the infamous briefcases – containing the contracts for a championship match anytime, anyplace – will be hanging all the way up on the roof of the corporate tower.

Among other things, this explains why The Wrestle Daily tweeted photos earlier today of a wrestling ring, and a rig for hanging belts above it, on the roof of Titan Towers.

We don’t know many other details at this point, but it seems likely these will be offsite “cinematic” matches like the two at WrestleMania, with the rest of the PPV being taped at the Performance Center in Orlando. At least one person is almost certainly getting thrown down a flight of stairs, but as long as nobody goes off the roof it shouldn’t be too much more dangerous than a normal Money in the Bank ladder match.