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God Shammgod Did A How-To On Adding The Shammgod Dribble To Your Arsenal

With people locked inside from coast-to-coast as a way to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities to do some sort of physical activity are limited. There’s regular, in-home exercise, and in some states, folks can head outdoors for a walk, run, or bike ride as long as they recognize social distancing guidelines.

For those with a basketball, Dallas Mavericks coach and handles icon God Shammgod wants to make sure you emerge from quarantine, whenever safe, with his namesake move in your bag of tricks. Shammgod made a video that NBA TV posted to its official Twitter account that serves as a how-to on the move, which has been used on courts around the world to make defenders look foolish for years.

Shammgod stressed the importance of having proper footwork, which he says would make everything else moot if it’s done incorrectly. The video rules, largely because learning how to do a thing from a person who invented it is always going to be extremely cool. It also lets me drop in this video of people using the Shammgod, which is legitimately a thing of beauty when it is done right.

While we’re here, this is a video of God himself giving Arizona the business in the NCAA Tournament.

And for good measure, enjoy this clip of a young Lamar Odom Shamgodding the soul out of someone.

Quarantine is going to end at some point. It might take a while to get to that point, so as long as you have a spot where you can work on this, you might as well get the Shammgod in your bag. Just make sure if you live in an apartment building that you apologize to your downstairs neighbors.