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Josh Brolin Apologized For Breaking Quarantine To Make An ‘Irresponsible’ Visit To His Parents’ House

Josh Brolin apologized after sharing an Instagram photo that featured his family paying a social visit to his parents’ house. While everyone is clearly seen wearing masks, including Brolin’s father and step-mother Barbra Streisand, the Avengers actor was chastised by his fans for violating social distancing guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After deleting the photo, Brolin posted a video apology where he fully agrees that bringing his wife and young daughter over to his parents’ house was irresponsible, and he thanks his Instagram followers for their passionate responses.

According to Comic Book, Brolin was taking his daughter over to briefly see his parents’ pool (the Deadpool 2 actor doesn’t have one at his house) and not be near them. But he takes full responsibility in admitting that the plan fell apart leading to a longer visit, which is a struggle that parents who are trapped indoors with young kids and grandparents nearby can certainly relate to.

“You know, it’s hard to be honest sometimes,” he continued. “It’s hard to be honest and say, ‘maybe I screwed up’ and I knew that that was in the air, not because of the responses, but because the responses brought me back to my own truth and it’s humbling as hell, man.”

Brolin went on to say that he felt responsible to his “fellow man” and apologized, noting that it was more important to get through this even if that means going “overboard” with safety measures, a message that helped to explain just how serious he really is taking the pandemic before thanking followers for helping to remind him.

You can watch Brolin’s full video apology:

While Brolin deleted the photo from the visit, his step-mother Streisand hasn’t done the same. Although, her photo simply shows Brolin’s wife standing safely outdoors while holding an adorable message for the two grandparents, which is way less controversial than a full family gathering around the pool.

(Via Comic Book)