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ESPN Hyped Up ‘The Last Dance’ With A 30 For 30 Trailer About ‘The Office’ Boss Michael Scott

Just hours before the 10-part 30 For 30 documentary about Michael Jordan’s last title season with the Chicago Bulls, ESPN rolled out a new trailer for a sports documentary that can change everything. Though, it probably won’t actually happen.

The much-hyped Jordan doc, The Last Dance, is a huge sports moment, especially in a world without sports. But on Sunday, hours before the first part airs, ESPN shared a trailer for a documentary about a very different Michael: The Office boss Michael Scott. The basketball episode from the brief first season of The Office was an early glimpse of what the show would become: Scott over-promising and soon leading to embarrassment.

ESPN’s 30 For 30 Twitter account shared a fake trailer for a documentary about Michael Scott’s athletic endeavors, complete with classic 30 For 30 voiceover asking questions, though these are certainly a bit different.

“What if I told you he wasn’t the greatest? That a country would fail to protect its greatest natural resource? That sometimes it is a matter of life and death? That no one can outrun the truth? That you can heal all wounds with a fight song? That the man no one could stop tragically was what if I told you running a marathon is easy?”

The voiceover is matched by some terrible shooting from Scott, finishing up with the Fun Run episode in which he made running a marathon look anything but easy. Steve Carrel, who played Scott on the show, soon retweeted it with one of the nonsense lines Scott says during the basketball episode.

It also sparked this incredible reaction on Twitter.

There have been a lot of great 30 For 30s, but this fictional one would certainly be interesting.