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MTV Put Full Episodes Of Classic Shows Like ‘Cribs’ And ‘Punk’d’ On YouTube

People are spending a lot of time indoors lately, and that means for many watching TV shows. There are plenty of streaming services seeing record numbers and a lot of people are finally sitting down to watch classics they may have missed, such as The Wire or Community.

For those looking for a different kind of nostalgia, though, the MTV Vault on YouTube may have just what you’re looking for. It seems the music video network you probably remember playing more weird reality shows than playing actual videos has quietly uploaded some classic episodes on YouTube from series like the Ashton Kutcher celebrity prank show Punk’d.

Perhaps the most nostalgic, and the show that holds up the best, is the home tour show Cribs, which featured musicians, actors and sometimes athletes letting cameras take a look inside their homes to see where all the magic happens.

While some of these have been uploaded without copyright permission, or maybe clips of them may exist out there, an official full episode sitting on YouTube for easy access is pretty cool. A look at the official MTV Vaults page on YouTube reveals there have been a number of episodes online for a while now, but recent activity has seen some notable uploads and subsequent attention in the online media. Snoop Dogg’s Cribs episode, for example, is absolutely worth the watch.

Another blast from the past is Parental Control, a fairly unique twist on a reality dating show that first aired in 2005. Other full episodes on the page are from Silent Library, a 2009 game show that featured contestants trying to, you guessed it, stay quiet in an increasingly wacky library.

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