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The Best 4/20 Deals To Help You Re-Up Your Supply On The Cheap

Today is 4/20 and if you aren’t already lighting up a bowl of high-THC cannabis we sincerely feel bad for you. Getting weed is going to be a hassle today, as dispensaries battle against the demands of a population of smokers who are largely stuck at home. If you haven’t already scooped your supply, you’ll likely have to wait somewhere between two and three hours for a delivery. The good news is that you’ll be able to get it on the cheap. Like really cheap.

We reached out to Weedmaps and did some of our own digging to uncover the best cannabis deals nationwide in legal markets where cannabis is sold. Along the way, we found that just about every cannabis dispensary is offering some type of special 4/20 deal — so check with your favorite local dispensaries to see what they’re offering.

Here are the best 4/20 deals to help you re-up your supply on the cheap.

California Patients Club — Customers can pick up 12 grams for just $60. That’s crazy affordable.

Caliva — Select Saliva-branded eighths will be discounted by 17% or sold in four-jar batches for $25 each. Bad Apple brand eighths will also be discounted by 25% off, or sold in four-jar packs for $30 each.

The Colfax Pot Shop — Denver’s Colfax Pot Shop is offering three pre-rolls for $15 all day.

Evolv Cannabis — Evolv consumers can pick up edibles for 20% off all day long. Don’t feel your lungs with smoke this 4/20, fill your belly with snacks that get you high! That’s killing two birds with one weed brownie.

Five & Dime — Grams at Five & Dime will be going for $5 while eighths will sell for $15.

Ganjarunner — Save $100 dollars when you buy eight 3.5 gram flower jars from Aster Farms.

Grassdoor — Receive 30% off of concentrate selections from the top Vape brands.

Herbiculture — Herbiculture is offering 20% off on all CBD.

Leafly — Leafly is offering $20 off on Vessel-branded vaporizer kits.

Oasis Cannabis Superstore — All products are discounted by 15% for the entire month of April.

Mana Supply — Maryland residents can enjoy 20% off storewide at Mana Supply.

MedMen — MedMen will have live batter and resin from Papa + Barkley, infused blunts from CaliGreenGold, and half gram cartridges of some of the dispensaries choice selects from DomPen. In addition, select products from concentrates to smoking devices will be offered at a 30% discount.

MediThrive Delivery — Eighths of weed will be going for $15 all day long. That’s less than $5 a gram.

Planet 13 — For the duration of 4/20, eighths of Gold Tier flower and grams of concentrate will be sold for $25.

Re-up — For $99 pick up Re-up’s special 4/20 bundle — consisting of concentrate, flower, and a vape pen.

RiverRock Cannabis — Receive 25% off on all packaged goods or any 1/4 ounce flower for just $42.

The Artist Tree — Customers will receive 30% off on all delivery and pickup orders throughout the day. Stay home, let the weed come to you.

Verilife — Verilife is offering 15% off on select eights, 15% off ALL Rythm vape cartridges and 15% off on Off Curio medicated chews.

Wolfpac Cannabis — Premium boutique ounces at Wolfpac are retailing for just $160. All 710 Labs branded weed will also receive 20% off.