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Brad Pitt Dropped By John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ With Some Pretty Good Weather News

Over the weekend, The Office star John Krasinki released the latest episode of Some Good News, a news show “dedicated entirely to good news.” The concept is self-explanatory, I suppose. Anyway, episode four was prom-themed with an impressive lineup of guests, including NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station, Billie Eilish (who performed “Bad Guy” with her brother Finneas), the Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, and his Office co-star Rainn Wilson (Steve Carell was already on the web show). Krasinki also had a famous friend filling in as the weathercaster.


“Brad, how’s it looking there?” Krasinski asked Brad Pitt, making his best cameo since Deadpool 2, which only came out two years ago, but doesn’t it feel longer? “It looks, uh…pretty good,” he reported, while peeking his head outside his home. “Yeah.”

This isn’t the first time the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Oscar winner has taken on a weathercaster role: he did it on The Jim Jefferies Show, too. It’s good to know this famously handsome and talented actor can always fall back on “telling people in Los Angeles it’s 75 degrees outside” as a second career. I was worried for him.

Episode four of “Some Good News” has already generated nearly 1.5 million views.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)