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These Weed-Centric Livestreams Are Perfect For Your Socially-Distanced 4/20

Just because countrywide COVID-19 safety measures have put an end to all of our favorite annual festivals this year, doesn’t mean the virus can take 4/20 away from us. Smoking weed is a social act, something best experienced with a couple of friends at your side; and while we wouldn’t suggest breaking social distancing rules and meeting up with your friends to swap spit and pass a bowl, we still don’t think you should spend this year’s 4/20 alone.

If you’re living with housemates who don’t partake and you don’t want to smoke solo, tune-in to one of these six livestreams — ready to help you celebrate 4/20 in real-time with live performances from weed-loving comedians and musicians, virtual smoke-sessions, and interactive giveaways. Pull up a chair, place a towel under the crack of your door, and light up for the world’s first virtual 4/20. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our 4/20 deals list so you can re-up your supply on the cheap.

Come And Toke It

Join Willie Nelson for a four hour and 20 minute variety show-style livestream centered around cannabis. At 4:20 CST, Willie Newsom will be joined by a huge list of celebrity guests who have come together to celebrate all things cannabis and help raise money for The Last Prisoner Project, an organization dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry.

Expect to see Matthew McConaughey, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Smith, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bill Maher, and anyone else famous who famously partakes in the green herb.

Highstream 4/20 Festival

The National Cannabis Festival and The Emerald Cup have teamed up for a special 4/20 livestream, with performances from The Disco Biscuits, The Pharcyde, and Ape Drums of Major Lazer fame for a day of online workshops, live performances, and interactive panels all centered around your favorite herb. Highstream will raise money to benefit coronavirus relief charities as is streamable from 4-10 PM EST at Highstreamtv.

Miss Grass 4/20 Summit

Beginning at 12 PM PST until 4:20, attendees of the Miss Grass 4/20 Summit will be treated to a day of free Zoom programming in an effort to raise money for the Last Prisoner Project’s emergency COVID-19 relief fund. Chelsea Handler will head a “Get Good At Weed” workshop, and cannabis industry heads will discuss timely subjects like Sex and Weed in quarantine and restorative justice, with a closing DJ set performed by Stoned Fox.

Guests can RSVP for the experience at the Miss Grass website.

Stoned Alone

Los Angeles’ biggest cannabis crews, from Weed Rave, to Stoner’s Night LA, to Sesh-Ins, are teaming up for a three-room Zoom rave with non-stop music from Galcher Lustwerk, Wasted Fates, ABBY, Dier Times, and many more. Stoned Alone will even feature a virtual reception room with a cyber door girl who will screen guests before you enter the dance floor.

Viewers of Stoned Again will be able to participate in dance competitions for cannabis-themed prizes or hang out at a virtual patio to watch classic stoner movies or chat with friends. Who said 4/20 had to be celebrated alone this year?

The Great American Sesh In

Join B-Real, Too $hort, Tommy Chong and more for an online cannabis, music, and arts festival that seeks to raise money for COVID-19 first responders. Live on Twitch from 11 AM to 6 PM PST, The Great American Sesh In will also feature appearances from Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, Scott Page of Pink Floyd, and a variety of other celebrities guests and comedians exploring all things weed-related.

WeedMaps Presents “Higher Together 4/20”

Wiz Khalifa and Billy Ray Cyrus will headline WeedMaps’ very own virtual 4/20 celebration today, beginning at 12 PM PST. For five hours viewers can tune into live music performances, stand-up comedy, and live smoke sessions in an effort to raise money for the Last Prisoner’s Project.

The livestream will be hosted on WeedMaps.