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Chance The Rapper Shares A Never-Before-Seen Performance From His Upcoming Movie

For the last few weeks of the government mandated self-quarantine, Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has been sharing videos of his favorite performances on Instagram, giving fans the — ahem — chance to relive some of his most beloved appearances on late-night television, award shows, and more. For the most part, they’ve all been sets we’ve seen before, from Saturday Night Live and Stephen Colbert to the NBA halftime show, but today, he decided to do something a little different, sharing a “brand new” performance from a movie he filmed during the Coloring Book era and hopes to put in theaters.

The performance features a medley of songs that includes “Windows” from The Social Experiment’s Surf with Nico Segal on trumpet and “Same Drugs” and “Summer Friends” from Coloring Book. In the caption, Chance explains the complexity of the shoot, writing, “You can’t really see it but I designed a huge crazy multi dimensional stage to perform on and then invited a bunch of my biggest fans in Chicago to come see.” He expresses his hope that the film will eventually come out, but that due to the uncertainty of coronavirus precautions, he’s not sure that it ever will. However, he praises the “hundreds of awesome people that helped me put this together, and I hope one day this piece comes out the way it deserves.” Check it out below

Watch Chance’s moving performance above.