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Dave Bautista Encourages Us To Stay Home, Pants-Free, In New Smirnoff Ad

It’s been a while since the world of professional wrestling has had any good news related to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. But all that stops today, dear reader, thanks to none other than a WWE Hall Of Famer and Hollywood star. (No, not that one.)

Behold, six-time world champion Dave Bautista has partnered up with Smirnoff to encourage all of us to sit on our butts, pants-free, and shimmy in place for the greater benefit of humanity. Now that’s a Tik Tok challenge I can get behind! (Also, what is Tik Tok? Is that medication for my dog?)

Bautista is part of Smirnoff’s larger ad campaign, which was originally slated to launch this summer in support of Smirnoff’s Red, White & Berry hard seltzer drink, alongside Orange Is The New Black stars Laverne Cox and Diane Guerrero, plus US Women’s Soccer Team captain and all-around badass Megan Rapinoe. But, as Cox explains in this longer commercial, that plan changed in response to the global pandemic. Watch the one-minute clip below, featuring Bautista holding a puppy while sitting in a tiny monster truck and wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, and let those endorphins loose in your brain:

There’s not really much else to say besides all hail our lord and savior Big Dave. Also: Stay home, everybody.