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It’s Anybody’s Guess What Pitbull Is Trying To Say In His Head-Scratching Pandemic Message

Fans place value in what their favorite celebrities say. That’s relevant during these trying times, as musicians and other famous people have spoken up and shared their thoughts about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For the most part, these messages touch on at least one of a few basic points: Only leave the house if necessary, regularly wash your hands, stay six feet apart from people, and to sum that all up, be mindful of yourself and others, more so than usual.

Then there’s Pitbull. Over the weekend, Mr. Worldwide shared his own take on a meaningful social media post, and while it may have meaning to him, it’s not clear how many non-Pitbull people know what message he was trying to convey. Sharing a photo of himself accompanied by a few lines of text, Pitbull’s post, which comes across as a slam poem crossed with a public service announcement, reads as follows:

“Wake up, don’t sleep. This is deep.
Deeper than a virus. This is about
freedom or freedumb.
The choice is yours. Educate yourself.
God bless, stay blessed.”

The meaning behind Pitbull’s vague message and odd phrasings isn’t exactly crystal, adding uncertainty and confusion to an era that already has plenty of those things. He seems to be advocating for social distancing, but said it in the most uninviting cryptic was possible. Whatever the case, listen to Pitbull and choose freedom over freedumb, and try your best to stay blessed.